COVID-19, Easter, and Life
Monday 04/13/2020

It was Good Friday, April 10, and I was given the task of going to the grocery store on a sunny but cool Friday morning. Spring was in the air, and I felt energetic and optimistic that we would soon be allowed to go back to normal life.  As it was Easter weekend and a very significant time of year for the Christian and Jewish communities, I was sensing a new beginning as I drove to the store to shop for the weekend. 

Upon entering the crowded store, picking up my disinfected cart, and beginning my navigation of reading a grocery list and finding my items as efficiently as possible, I noticed the majority of shoppers were wearing masks. In addition, some were also wearing gloves. I felt empowered as I am a firm believer in Optimal Bio, where best-in-class BHRT placement and optimizing your health is the company’s mission. As I went through the store following the blue arrows after I initially violated the traffic flow, I began to think how surreal this was.  

Why are we masking up 30 days into the stay at home order?  The cases and death rates are going to be less than predicted, and our leaders are telling us social distancing is working. Yet we are being advised to wear masks, and some stores are only allowing a certain amount of shoppers at a time to enter. Why wasn’t this done a month ago instead of 30 days later when the numbers are looking better?  All I could think of was that certain people making these decisions must not have access to the same information I do. 

As my optimism began to fade, I went down the vitamin aisle and noticed the space was empty. It was identical to the toilet paper section, which is still sold out after the famous toilet paper run of 30 days ago!  Suddenly, I was full of optimism and had a renewed faith in the human spirit. Most of them do in fact know what I know! People are buying and taking supplements because they know they’re good for them. They are protecting themselves and not simply listening to the countless talking heads who mention nothing of diet and supplements, but instead rage on about social distancing, masks, and hand washing. All good advice; however, the best advice is to continue to balance and protect your health by eating right and supplementing your diet with vitamins, which of course brought me back to Optimal Bio.

I felt proud to be connected to the Optimal Bio team. Their supplements are the best-in-class, and their BHRT pellet treatment works better than all other testosterone treatments. Not to mention, the staff is second to none. Everyone in that store would benefit from Optimal Bio.  You would be stronger, healthier, and you would feel more positive about yourself and your life. 

After self checkout, I went out into the sunny spring day with a smile on my face.  The American people know what’s best, and they will prevail no matter what. Most of us are looking for ways to better our health. If you need help, please contact Optimal Bio.  Until then, stay strong as we all will rise again during this Easter season.

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