Coronavirus, Stress, and Testosterone
Monday 04/6/2020

It’s March 12, 2020. My wife and I are scheduled to fly to New York to enjoy a few days in the City and watch college basketball. At 7am on that day, we learn that all games are cancelled, and life as we know it radically changes. Over the past 3 weeks, most of us have lost money in the stock market. Most of us have had flights cancelled, plans changed, kids out of school, limited grocery availability, and many have lost their jobs. Most importantly, some of us have caught the virus or know of people who have caught the virus. Needless to say, these are stressful times for everyone.

With stress and anxiety at an all time high, what are we to do? We can’t go out to dinner, enjoy a game, go to a movie, watch our kids play sports, act in a play, or sing in a choir. We can’t even go to church! Approximately 18% of the adult American population suffers from an anxiety-related disorder, and another 7% from major depressive disorder each year (Kessler et al., 2005b). Further, females are more than twice as likely as males to be afflicted by mood disorders (Kessler et al., 2005a, Bekker and van Mens-Verhulst, 2007).

Since testosterone, when administered correctly, reduces anxiety in both females and males, we are here to help at Optimal Bio. With our BHRT process, our patients are given the best customized and most effective treatment on the market today. In addition, we are OPEN as we are considered an essential business. If you're feeling anxious and want to take action to improve your health, we hope you’ll call us today. Taking action is a great anxiety reliever.

Another thing that worked for me was being reminded of what I learned a few years ago. Picture a dart board with the outer ring being worth 10 points and the bulls-eye worth 50 points. Unfortunately, most of us focus on the 10 point ring in our life. This ring represents things we cannot control. Since we tend to focus on things we can’t control (stock market, weather, virus statistics, politics, news, etc), our stress and anxiety skyrockets. I was guilty of this a week ago until someone reminded me about the dart board. I stopped focusing on the 10 point ring by removing myself from reading and watching everything I can’t control and began focusing on my 50 point bulls-eye which is God, family, and personal health.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this. Our pets have to be the happiest creatures on the planet over the past few weeks. Our dog Luna is never alone, constantly surrounded by our daughters who are now home from Boston and Atlanta. She has been walking, running, swimming, sleeping, and playing way more than usual. As a dog that loves to be with family, she has never been happier. All of us deserve to be as happy as our pets.

Let’s spread positivity by sharing pictures of our happy pets during this time. Message us on Facebook or Instagram or send us an email with a picture of your pet enjoying your company. As we said, we are here to help at Optimal Bio, and we hope and pray our stress and anxiety go down soon.

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