Optimal Bio w/ Blake Shepard, Director of Health Promotions at Cambridge Fitness
Listen to our podcast with Blake Shepard, Director of Health Promotions at Cambridge Fitness. Blake joins the podcast to discuss fitness, health an...
The Importance of Vitamin D
Vitamin D affects virtually every cell in the body and promotes healthy weight, blood sugar regulation, and normal blood pressure.
Real Human Stories
Jim Baker talks with Kevin Duthu, a 36-year-old male who lost 95 pounds. We discuss diet, how to shop for food, exercise, and will power.
The Effects of BPA Plastics
Dr. Greg Brannon discusses BPA plastics, their effects on the human brain, and how they alter hormone levels.
Anxiety and Depression Linked to Hormonal Imbalance
Anxiety and depression disorders are the most common of all psychiatric disorders, and it’s no surprise that they are linked to hormonal imbalances.
Optimal Bio x Clean Kitchen Nutrition
Founder of Clean Kitchen Nutrition, Kyle Fitzgerald, joins the podcast to discuss discovering holistic healing and clean eating. He also shares the...
Live to Be 120
Learn "How to Live to 120" with guest Peter Fioretti. We discussed nutrition, exercise, wellness, and the importance of glucose monitoring - and th...
Optimal Bio x Dr. Rimka Pt 2
We talked about the comparisons of optimal health at Optimal Bio compared to Dr. Rimka's practice as it relates to anxiety, PTSD, brain nutrition, ...
Meet Dr. Christina Bove
Meet Dr. Bove and learn more about her background as a cardiologist, why she switched the preventive cardiology, and why BHRT pellets are superior....