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Good nutrition is essential for good health. Nutrition is the process of taking in food and converting it into energy that is required for living.
Achieve a Healthy Heart and Maintain It
Optimal levels of hormones make the cardiovascular system stronger by helping to strengthen the heart’s physical contracting and its muscle fibers.
Holistic Healthy Habits for 2023
A new year brings new opportunities to improve your health. Learn some new healthy habits to try in 2023. A small change can make big difference.
Basics of BHRT with Dr. Greg Brannon
Learn the basics of BHRT from Dr. Greg Brannon. The slightest imbalance in your hormones can cause symptoms that have a big effect on your day to d...
Weight Gain Linked to Hormonal Imbalance
In America, 65% of the population is overweight and a third of the population suffers from obesity. In 1960, the average female weighed 140 pounds,...
Nutrition Effects Mental Health
Nutrition effects mental health in a variety of ways. Everything our body consumes, from food to sunlight, plays a role in how we feel.
Inflammation & How to Avoid It
Inflammation is your body's defense against harmful intruders and can lead to uncomfortable symptoms. There are ways to prevent and treat signs of ...
The Pellet Placement Procedure
The pellet placement procedure is a part of BHRT that we perform in the Optimal Bio office. It is a quick, simple, and safe procedure for patients.
Becoming a Patient
Natural testosterone not only helps a fifty-year-old man feel like he is thirty again, but it also protects his overall health. Hormone Replacement...