Clock Talk Episode 6: Peptides
This episode of Clock Talk is all about peptides. Dr. Brannon covers what they are, common benefits, and the use of peptides to treat patients at O...
Clock Talk Episode 5: Wellness
On this episode of Clock Talk, Dr. Brannon discusses wellness, best practices, and the science behind maintaining a healthy lifestyle.    
Women’s Health: Hormones, Nutrition, & Wellness
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Stress Management with Tylar Brannon
Listen in as Optimal Bio's CEO, Tylar Brannon, speaks on day to day stressors she faces and a few stress management best practices.
Put an End to Chronic Stress
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Optimal Bio x Dr. Amy Beckley
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Back to Nutrition Basics
Good nutrition is essential for good health. Nutrition is the process of taking in food and converting it into energy that is required for living.
Achieve a Healthy Heart and Maintain It
Optimal levels of hormones make the cardiovascular system stronger by helping to strengthen the heart’s physical contracting and its muscle fibers.
Holistic Healthy Habits for 2023
A new year brings new opportunities to improve your health. Learn some new healthy habits to try in 2023. A small change can make big difference.