Clock Talk Episode 3: Estrogen & Progesterone
On this episode of Clock Talk with Dr. Brannon, we discuss the hormones estrogen and progesterone
Clock Talk Episode 2: Cholesterol
In this episode, Dr. Brannon covers all things cholesterol: what it is, ways to manage it, and common misconceptions.  
Clock Talk Episode 1: Testosterone
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Dr. Robert Malone on Health, Aging, and Hormones
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Stress Management with Tylar Brannon
Listen in as Optimal Bio's CEO, Tylar Brannon, speaks on day to day stressors she faces and a few stress management best practices.
Optimal Bio x Dr. Amy Beckley
Dr. Amy Beckley, CEO and founder of Proov, joins the Optimal Bio podcast to discuss her studies and personal battle with infertility leading her to...
Wellness Panel Introduction
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Dr. Brannon Talks Cardiovascular Health & Cholesterol
Listen to Dr.Brannon break the stigma around cholesterol. He explains cardiovascular health and how cholesterol plays a key role in our health.
Get to Know Deborah Manke, NP
Meet our new Nurse Practitioner, Deborah Manke, at our Charleston office! Learn about her journey in clinical work spanning over the past 38 years ...