Doctor vs. Hormone Specialist
Wednesday 04/1/2020

Brandon, a friend of mine, in his 40s.  He’s a business owner, husband, and father of 2 children and has heard me speak about the value of diet, exercise, and hormone therapy. About a year ago, he went and had labs done, and his testosterone was lower than 200.  In addition, as he’s a hard charger in business and life, his cholesterol and blood pressure were elevated. After he shared this personal information with me, I suggested he speak with Dr. Brannon. Having taken the first step, he decided to go back to his general doctor for answers. A primary care physician can provide help for many non-emergency health concerns; however, this type of doctor doesn’t always have the specialized knowledge to help in the best way possible. His physician proved me right when Brandon was told his T was normal and hormone therapy was not needed.  However, the physician did want to treat him for his high cholesterol and blood pressure. Unfortunately, Brandon is like many of us who assume our general practitioners know a lot about hormone levels. Unfortunately, they don’t as they are no different than all of us who cannot be experts in everything.

Fortunately for Brandon, this is not the end of the road. Instead, he can visit a hormone doctor with the extensive knowledge in hormone health to help his situation in the best way possible. Even if your general doctor provided answers, you may want to consider the perspective of a hormone specialist as a second opinion.

What Is a Hormone Doctor?

A hormone doctor is a physician who specializes in hormonal conditions and solutions. This type of doctor is able to perform evaluations and recognize hormonal problems. He or she can then work to balance abnormal hormone levels to address symptoms associated with hormone conditions. These may vary in men and women but can include fatigue, headaches, sexual problems, depression, weight gain, poor concentration, and a long list of other symptoms. Many symptoms impact mental health, energy levels, and sexual health. They can also have a negative effect on your entire body and state of overall mental and physical health.

The main solution this type of doctor offers is hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Nonetheless, a hormone replacement specialist may also recommend various lifestyle interventions to balance hormones, such as dietary changes, supplements, and wellness plans. In the case of Optimal Bio, these types of lifestyle interventions are used in a plan along with natural hormone replacements.

A hormone replacement specialist can help restore the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone to the best levels for optimal health. This doctor can also address thyroid conditions, such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. In today’s world, we have to take control of our health care, and in Brandon’s case, he needs a team that can help him.  As a result of his research and discussions with others, he chose to visit Optimal Bio and have a consultation with Dr. Brannon.

Hormone Treatment With Dr. Brannon

When Brandon arrived, he learned that Dr. Greg Brannon, M.D., is a hormone replacement specialist who is the founder and medical director of Optimal Bio. He has more than 30 years of experience working as an OB/GYN and continues to practice in this field. He started to see the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) approaches around 2006 when he noticed it working in others, researched it, and tried it himself. Based on the positive results he experienced, he created Optimal Bio in 2012 to bring these benefits to other people struggling with their hormones. His practice now has four locations in North Carolina, which include Cary, Charlotte, Wilmington, and Southern Pines.

Optimal Bio provides all-natural hormones to both men and women for common hormone conditions. These bioidentical hormones are like the ones your body naturally makes to help create balanced hormone levels for an optimal state of health. Brandon is in much better health a year later due to his customized treatment plan at Optimal Bio.

Optimal Bio Is Here to Help

At Optimal Bio, we help restore your body to the best health possible through our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, nutritional supplements, and thyroid treatments. You'll soon feel like yourself again, but better.

We take an integrative approach to women’s health, both physical and mental, by offering you the most optimal hormone dose, suggesting supplements and wellness plans to balance out your entire body. We review your medical history and listen to your health concerns to develop a holistic plan we tailor specifically to your needs to help restore your hormones estrogen, testosterone and progesterone levels. 

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