Who We Are – Optimal Bio
Monday 01/27/2020

My name is Dr. Greg Brannon, I'm the founder and director of Optical Bio. Our mission statement at Optimal Bio is to optimize you as an individual. We believe in hormonal balance and homeostasis of all our aspects of our life - our nutrition, our workout, our hormones and our overall balance of who we are. We look at the individual, we listen to your story and find an optimal plan for you to succeed. Success is determined by you and nobody else.

Be A Healthier You Today!

At Optimal Bio, our mission is to restore your body to optimal health through industry-leading bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, thyroid treatments, and supplements. Get back to feeling like yourself, only better!

The Optimal Bio Mission

Optimal Bio takes an integrative approach to your overall physical and mental health by providing you with an optimal hormone dosage, recommended supplements, and wellness plans to balance your whole body. We listen to all of your health concerns and review your comprehensive medical history to develop a holistic plan tailored to your specific needs to help you restore your hormones—testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone—to optimal levels. We don’t just balance your hormones, we balance your whole body.

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