5 Common Misconceptions About Natural Hormone Replacement
Monday 01/27/2020

There are many common misconceptions surrounding bioidentical and all-natural hormone replacement therapies. Commonly, these misconceptions arise from misinformation.

Hormone replacement therapy offers all natural hormone solutions to supplement decimated levels in both men and women. Synthetic hormone replacement, on the other hand, especially in high doses, has been linked to multiple health issues and is commonly confused with natural hormone replacement therapy solutions. It is important to note that not all hormone replacement methods are created equal, especially when comparing natural methods vs. synthetic methods.

We’ve highlighted some of the misconceptions surrounding hormone replacement therapy, including cancer, heart disease, increased anger, low testosterone production, and other bad side effects. Take a look at the misconceptions below.

They Cause Cancer

There is a great unknown surrounding cancer and it often is linked to treatments that people may not fully understand. In this instance, there is a misconception that hormone replacement therapy causes cancer For men, prostate cancer is a large concern, especially as they age and their testosterone levels drop. Likewise, women have to worry about the development of breast cancer from plunging estrogen and progesterone levels.

In actuality, the combination of low testosterone and high estrogen levels can increase the risk of cancer. These can be partially attributed to environmental factors such as ‘estrogen imitators’ which enhance estrogen levels and unbalance the body, making it more susceptible to disease. They trick your body into thinking there is more estrogen present then there actually is, and this results in lower testosterone production as your body tries to balance it all out. Some common estrogen imitators in the environment are listed below,

Estrogen Imitators in the Environment

  • Soy
  • Pesticides
  • Red Dye #3
  • Red Dye #40
  • BPA
  • BPS
  • Plastics (PVC)
  • Hormones in our foods
  • Hormones in our water system

Environmental factors are unbalancing hormone levels and making you more susceptible to diseases like cancer. Contrary to popular belief, hormone replacement therapy, especially those of a natural or bioidentical variety, can help rebalance your body’s hormones and allow you to cope and adapt to environmental factors that are likely out of your control. Our body builds structures to keep us in homeostasis. Synthetic environments are what destroy this.

Bottom Line: Low testosterone and high estrogen levels can increase the risk of cancer. Hormone replacement therapy helps to resolve this imbalance, which conversely decreases the chances of cancer.

They Increase the Chances of Heart Attacks

When you have bioidentical hormones, for example, that are keeping your body within normal physiological levels, the likelihood of experiencing a heart attack drops exponentially. In reality, it is low testosterone levels that increase the risk of heart attack. To set the record straight, this does not mean that high testosterone levels decrease the risk of heart attack, but it does suggest that normal physiological levels (varies by body and genetic background) could.

Women are a perfect example. Before menopause when their estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels are optimal, their risk of heart attack is virtually zero. After menopause, when these hormone levels drop significantly, heart attack is the number one cause of death. This is linked to the extreme drop in hormone levels, particularly testosterone. The heart attacks are inhibited by testosterone, if you have a heart with a young physiology, heart issues are a much lower risk. This is because higher levels of testosterone allow for better ventricular load. The mechanism that causes clots to form in the artelier lining is actually inhibited by optimal testosterone levels.

Bottom line: If you are using hormone replacement therapy to get back to your optimal levels without overdoing it, your chances of having a heart attack will actually decrease.

They Result in Increased Anger and Negative Emotional Effects

This misconception, again is correlated with high-dose synthetic hormones. In this case, synthetic anabolic steroids used to increase muscle mass and testosterone levels. They are the culprit behind increased anger and have spawned the phrase “roided out” and give other steroids, even natural ones, a bad name due to misunderstanding.

The body, in short, needs steroids to function properly. But those are not to be confused with the infamous synthetic anabolic variety.

Natural steroids are formed from cholesterol and include cortisol (triggered in response to stress) and sex hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone). Optimal levels of these natural steroids make us better and happier.

Your body can heal properly when your hormones and endorphins are at the proper levels, drugs like prozac and zoloft are temporary solutions that can cause lasting effects such as low libido and only take care of the issues as you continue to take them. With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (especially in the form of implants), you are bringing your hormones back to optimal levels so you can function properly. To give you an idea of the effectiveness of hormone replacement therapy, about 70% of zoloft users came off of the drug over time once they took the hormone replacement therapy.

Bottom line: Optimal testosterone levels actually increase happiness and regulate how the body functions.

They Prevent the Body from Producing Testosterone

A normal fear is that if you start taking supplemental hormones, your body will stop producing them. This fear is especially prevalent in men regarding their testosterone levels. There is truth to this myth, but it is misunderstood. Men who generally opt to supplement their testosterone are struggling with low testosterone levels (or low t) to begin with.

Men are already making less testosterone than they did 30-50 years ago. That is attributed mainly to environmental factors called ‘endocrine disruptors’. Some of these disruptors are pvc piping for water, pesticides, etc. These factors affect hormone levels in males, over the years as these disruptors have become more prominent in the environment, it has had a lasting impact on hormone levels, for men and for women.

Just because this is common, however, does not mean that it is normal. The aim of bioidentical hormone replacement, is to bring your body back to optimal levels. The testosterone levels in men increase as they age, the hormone replacement therapy supplements the difference by restoring what was lost.

Bottom Line: Hormone replacement therapy rebalances your body so you can be your optimal self. It supplements missing testosterone from already decimated levels.

Bad Hormone Replacement Therapy Side Effects

This more specifically targets men who take testosterone supplements. There is truth to this myth. For men, low sperm count is a common side effect during hormone replacement therapy. With that being said, there is no documentation suggesting that this effect is irreversible.

The side effects of low testosterone levels are far worse than any that could be created by hormone replacement therapy. Low testosterone levels affect everything, your motivation levels, your libido, the clarity of your brain, your weight, and much more.

Bottom Line: Examine if the side effects of hormone replacement therapy outweigh the side effects of low hormone levels. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a viable, all-natural option for restoring hormone levels.

Consider Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you struggle with low hormone levels, you should consider bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The purpose of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is to restore you to the hormone levels in your body to optimal levels. Here at Optimal Bio, we are champions of the bioidentical hormone solutions and use the pellet method because it mimics the natural distribution method found naturally in the body. Do your research and don’t believe the myths. If you are looking to feel your best, contact Optimal Bio today for your initial consultation. We’d be happy to debunk myths for you!

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