New Year, New Resolutions
Monday 01/27/2020

Happy New Year!

It’s that time of the year where most of us have New Year resolutions. The majority of which center around health with most wanting to lose weight and others focusing on career or financial goals. Personally, I’m not much of a resolution person as I don’t see the sense of waiting until the beginning of the year to make changes. Why not change during the year? However, setting that thought aside, let’s discuss health and what most of us vow to change in January.

I’ve enjoyed the regular routine of working out my whole life. My current routine is to strength train Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and to focus on cardio by running Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Sometimes I’ll mix up the cardio with swimming or biking. On Sunday, I tend to stay active although there is no mandatory exercising. A few years ago, I began waking up every morning with sore feet. I would hobble out of bed at 5am to dress for my workout, and by the time I got to the gym or I began a run, the pain would go away. Of course when I was finished and would sit for awhile, the soreness would come back. As this went on for years, I chalked it up to old age. When getting my annual physical, I’d ask the doctor about it and they’d look at my labs (normal) and tell me to exercise less. Since I enjoy exercising and like to take active vacations with my family, this wasn’t a solution for me.

I was eating healthy (vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, low carbs - all organic) and didn’t want to medicate myself to feel better, so I powered through the pain until I found Optimal Bio. My wife had begun hormone therapy, and I learned through her about the all natural bio equivalent pellet Dr. Brannon was using. As the testosterone treatments improved my wife’s health, I decided to do it; however, I wanted to check with my doctor first. I had him run a testosterone test (285 for me) and told him I was thinking about being treated. He told me it wasn’t necessary as I technically didn’t have Low T. After learning about Dr. Brannon and Optimal Bio, I asked him, “If you were seeing me 30 years ago and my testosterone was at 850 or even 1,000 would you tell me my T was too high and it is dangerous to my health?” He of course said no and agreed that higher testosterone is a benefit and not a negative. I therefore began the treatments and within 3 months my aches and pains went away. I lift and run as if I was 40 years old.

I would encourage you to get your testosterone checked whether your are male or female. I would ask your doctor the same question I asked. At first they will be against it; however, once you ask the question, they will give you the same answer they gave me. If you’d prefer to live at optimal health, then contact Optimal Bio today and have a discussion with Dr. Brannon. Make 2020 a great year!

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