Neglecting the Coffee Cup
Thursday 04/23/2020

My wife and I were on a short vacation recently down in Key West, FL. For the past four years, we’ve stayed at a self proclaimed 5-star resort. It’s on a great piece of property in a lovely location. We enjoy going down there and renting bikes, exploring the area, and enjoying the local island food. We love the warm weather, and in the past, we have enjoyed our stay in our favorite resort; however, this year I noticed that the level of service had dropped.  On our second day, our room wasn’t cleaned until 6pm, and in the hallway I noticed a single white coffee cup on the floor between our room and the room next door. I suddenly noticed that the service level over the past few years had been declining until it hit rock bottom on this trip.

This cup stayed there for the first three days of our stay. No one picked it up.  Staff vacuumed around it. People walked by it. Carts zoomed past it. Finally on day three, someone picked it up.  I began to think that the cup is a symptom of neglect. Is your health, your business, or your life in neglect? As you go through life, you know you need to lose weight.  You know you need to be healthier. You know you should have more energy. Those feelings stay with you hourly, daily, weekly, even monthly. You simply go through life walking by the cup everyday, ignoring what you need to do.  Is it really that hard to bend down and pick up the cup? Is it really that hard to start walking, eating right, and eventually exercising more?  

Unfortunately for some, a certain form of motivation is required.  At Optimal Bio, we provide that motivation. Simply contact us and we’ll customize a program that works best for you.  Our goal is to optimize you where energy levels, physiology, and a wellness plan put you back in optimal health. Pick that cup up, and  contact us today.

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