Our Guide to At-Home Workouts
Tuesday 05/12/2020
The stay-at-home order might have closed our gyms, but that doesn't mean we have to stop working out. Now more than ever, working out at home is easy. During this uncertain time, fitness studios and gyms are trying their best to stay relevant and to keep us motivated at home by broadcasting live classes or providing workouts for free.
Although we might not realize it, this is a golden opportunity. How many times have we wanted to see what a barre class was like but didn't want to pay $30 to try it out? How many times did we think yoga would make our day 10x better but didn't sign up for class in time? How many times did we want to get in a killer HIIT workout class but slept through our alarms by accident? Well, now is our chance to try every type of workout under the sun...for free, at any time of the day, whenever we feel like it. This is what quarantine dreams are made of.
Since we were able to try all different types of workouts, it was only natural that we share our favorites here along with a review:
  • Yoga

Fuel Hot Yoga: This studio offers a variety of classes on Vimeo, which makes them easy to watch whenever we feel like it. Classes include vinyasa (easy and difficult), kids yoga, guided meditation, and the 26 posture hot sequence and range from 5 minutes to 65 minutes.


  • Boxing

Rumble Boxing: Take this class for sore arms, sore legs, and sore abs.  As an added bonus, the workouts are pretty fun and very entertaining to do with family members. Workouts are live on Instagram and also saved on their IGTV.


  • HIIT

Orangetheory Fitness: They are taking at-home workouts to the next level! Check out their IGTV to find workouts that incorporate items everyone has at home.


  • Running

Peloton App: We've said it before, and we'll say it again. The Peloton App is a game changer. The outdoor run workouts have great music, great instructors, and most importantly, have the ability to make runs go by quickly. Who thought that was possible?


  • Barre

Pure Barre: 1 week of unlimited live stream for new clients! Find a studio online and try out this unique workout from the comfort of home.


Take advantage of the opportunity to try all of these unique workouts.  Grab a family member, call a friend, clear a space in the living room, and break a sweat.  We might surprise ourselves with which ones we like the most.

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