Discipline Equals Freedom
Wednesday 03/18/2020

Blog by Jim Baker

Do you consider yourself a disciplined person?  A few years ago when listening to a podcast by Jocko Willink, he talked about the concept that discipline equals freedom. I listened to his podcast, and he mostly associated this to running businesses and providing leadership to others working for you.  I thought about this phrase and feel it is also applicable to your health. If you are disciplined in exercise, diet, and overall wellness, you will have the opportunity to experience many things in life.  

Take for example, my friend John. John and his wife took a trip to eastern Europe last fall.  John is 58 and mildly overweight, does very little exercise, and over the years has reduced his time playing golf and doing other things he used to enjoy.  As a result, when John picked his trip, his freedom of choice was reduced to a bus tour with multiple stops and some light walking. In addition, he and his wife were the youngest on the trip.  He probably had a good time, but could he have had a better time? Now take my friend Bill. He’s 60 and has worked out his whole life, eats healthy but not crazy, and stays active. He decides to travel to Europe at around the same time. He has the freedom to choose any trip he wants as nothing physically can stop him. He therefore chooses a multi-sport tour where he and his wife can bike, walk, and hike to see all of the phenomenal sites up close and in person. 

I ask you, would you rather be John or Bill?  If you choose Bill and you’re ready to commit then go for it.  At Optimal Bio, we see John walk through the door, and we help him understand his body and provide a complete solution for his well being.  It’s up to you. We can help you get disciplined to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.

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