Wellness Program

Your Whole Body Wellness Program

Optimal Bio’s guidance provides you with a holistic plan for nutrition, fitness, and wellness to help you live a more balanced life.

Our program goes beyond bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, we give you a comprehensive package tailored to your individual needs. From healthier eating to vitamin supplements and fitness, Dr. Brannon and the team at Optimal Bio provides you with the right resources you need to kickstart a healthier life.

our wellness program

Our Wellness Program

  • Reviewing your health history
  • Nutrition: food choices and bio-individual program
  • Fitness routine
  • Primary and secondary food
  • Grocery lists
  • Healthy cooking basics

We offer a free 10-minute phone call or free email interaction, in which we will review the program to see if it fits your needs. Each program will be tailored to the specific client, focusing on their bio-individuality.

Wellness Packages

Be A Healthier You Today!

At Optimal Bio, our mission is to restore your body to optimal health through industry-leading bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, thyroid treatments, and supplements. Get back to feeling like yourself, only better!


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