Listen to the Optimal Bio Team podcast, including Dr. Greg Brannon and guest health experts, discussing the latest news and tips on causes & treatment for hormone imbalance, health, nutrition, and overall wellness. Each episode gives listeners the tools they need for their personal health & wellness journey.
Apollo Gum: Nature’s Chewing Gum
Nick Smith, founder of Apollo Gum, discusses his entrepreneurship journey and how he built his business. He dives into the health and aesthetic ben...
Just Thrive: Not All Probiotics Are Created Equal
Just Thrive founder Tina Anderson discusses her entrepreneurship journey, product ingredients, and crucial benefits of gut health. After a moment o...
Dr. Robert Malone on Health, Aging, and Hormones
Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technologies, discusses his health journey and the changes he’s recently made to bring his body back to o...
Dr. Brannon Discusses Osteoporosis
Both men and women over the age of 40 lose roughly 0.5% of bone per year. In menopause, it speeds up in women to roughly 5% per year. By the age of...
Building Community and Strength with Joey Welling
Joey Welling, founder of Ethos Athletic Club in Charleston, SC, discusses how his journey through athletics, discipline, and wellness led him to op...
Women’s Health: Hormones, Nutrition, & Wellness
The women of Optimal Bio discuss women’s health for Women’s Health Month. They do a deep dive into the importance of hormones and the k...
Detoxification and the Effects of Toxins on the Body
Mavis Jamal, PA-C, is dedicated to her studies of functional medicine. She joins the podcast to discuss detoxification, toxins found in our food an...
Stress Management with Tylar Brannon
Listen in as Optimal Bio's CEO, Tylar Brannon, speaks on day to day stressors she faces and a few stress management best practices.
Optimal Bio x Dr. Amy Beckley
Dr. Amy Beckley, CEO and founder of Proov, joins the Optimal Bio podcast to discuss her studies and personal battle with infertility leading her to...