Listen to the Optimal Bio Team podcast, including Dr. Greg Brannon and guest health experts, discussing the latest news and tips on causes & treatment for hormone imbalance, health, nutrition, and overall wellness. Each episode gives listeners the tools they need for their personal health & wellness journey.
All Things Thyroid with Mavis Hodges PA-C
Become an expert and learn all things Thyroid with Mavis Hodges, PA-C!
Introduction with Shannon Converse
Get to know Shannon Converse, NP located at our Charleston location. Learn more about her background and transition over to Optimal Bio.
Gard Wellness Center with Dr. Aliya Gard
Listen to Dr. Aliya Gard speak on her journey opening Gard Wellness Center and all that the practice offers.
Dr. Brannon Explains Progesterone
Dr. Brannon defines progesterone, talks about its functions, and why it’s important to your body.
Dr. Brannon Talks Estrogen
Dr. Brannon explains what estrogen is, what it does, and all the information you need to know about it and its effect on your body.    
Dr. Brannon Talks Testosterone
Greg Brannon, MD. joins the podcast to discuss the basics of testosterone treatments in the market as well as the benefits of pellet placement ther...
Whole Body Wellness with Mavis Hodges
Mavis Hodges joins the podcast to discuss wellness and how our whole bodies are affected by the foods we eat, how often we workout, and how much sl...
Optimal Bio x WarriorWOD
Phil Palmer, Executive Director of WarriorWOD, is a Marine Corps Veteran who deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom numerous times where he received a...
Suicide Awareness Month
Johnny Moody, NP at our Charlotte location, joins the podcast to discuss Suicide Awareness Month, hormone balance, and thyroid health.