Feeling Good: The Benefits of Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
Monday 01/27/2020

If you’ve ever felt tired for no reason at all, or simply sluggish, slow, and not your best, you may be experiencing symptoms of unbalanced hormone levels. Don’t worry, you don’t have to accept this as the new you. Natural hormone replacement therapy (not to be confused with synthetic hormone replacement), offers a viable solution to low hormone levels in both men and women. It works to mimic your body’s natural hormones, allowing you to fill in the gaps and get back to feeling your best.

Women typically experience menopause when they reach middle age (late 40s, 50s) and this inevitable experience has the most profound effect on women’s hormone levels. There are other medical factors that could result in premature hormone level decimation including genetic conditions, autoimmune disorders, and more.

Optimal hormone levels keep your body balanced by allowing it to function as it was originally intended. Below we’ve detailed some of the common benefits of hormone replacement therapy. Take a look and consider if hormone replacement therapy is the solution for you.

Helps with Feeling “Tired”

Chronic fatigue, and the constant feeling of being tired are symptoms of unbalanced hormone levels. There are many hormone-related causes that contribute to feeling chronically tired. Restlessness and poor sleep as a result of discomfort or menopausal symptoms can keep you up at night, resulting in fatigue. Your body also changes how it uses energy when your hormone levels shift. Hormone replacement therapy can reduce or even nullify the effects of these issues, allowing your body to use energy more efficiently while you get a better night’s rest. You don’t have to live with feeling tired every day, your tank is simply not full and hormone replacement therapy can change that.

Improves Sleep

Contrary to popular belief, both men and women need estrogen hormones to function properly. Estrogen, in particular, can be attributed to improved sleep patterns and cognitive functioning. Women experiencing menopause often have difficulty sleeping due to a variety of factors, including restlessness, poor REM sleep, wakefulness from symptoms of discomfort (hot flashes, etc.), and insomnia. By restoring your hormones to optimal levels through HRT, you should see improvements in REM sleep, reduce restlessness, and put an end to insomnia.

Balances Thyroid

Women are eight times more likely to develop thyroid disorder than men and a huge contributing factor to that statistic is the drop in hormones as they age.

The thyroid regulates your body’s...

  • Metabolism (how efficiently you process food to make energy)
  • Calcium circulation in the blood (bone density)
  • Heart function (blood flow and circulation)
  • Digestion
  • Cognitive development
  • Mood, and more

It is important to keep this control system balanced and running smoothly. When you opt for hormone replacement therapy, restoring your levels back to where they are supposed to be, this will help to restore thyroid function as well. Keep in mind, hormone replacement therapy is a natural thyroid treatment.

Balances Hormone Levels

Optimal hormone levels vary by person, but having low or unbalanced levels universally cause issues in the way the body functions. Low testosterone levels, or ‘Low T’ is prominent in men and can even affect women. Likewise, low estrogen levels can affect cardiovascular health, sleep patterns, and bone strength. During menopause, it is common for estrogen levels to drop to zero! Not to mention, there are countless environmental factors that contribute to unbalanced hormones. Estrogen imitators in common environmental spaces (soy, pesticide, etc.), can trick your body into thinking there is more estrogen in your body, which results in increased testosterone levels.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), restores your body to optimal levels, which allows your body to function as it was intended. It negates environmental effects and gets you back to feeling well.

Increases Life Longevity

Aside from lowering the age of mortality by reducing the likelihood of developing breast cancer and other potentially life threatening diseases, rebalancing your body’s hormone levels can increase your life longevity. It reduces the chances of you developing a terminal illness and can improve your overall quality of life. Bioidentical and other natural hormone replacements mimic chemicals found naturally in your body. Hormone replacement therapy can help you keep your physicality younger than your actual age. If your body is functioning strongly and everything is working at an optimal level, then a longer, higher quality of life is absolutely possible.

Regulates Mood

Low levels of estrogen and progesterone can cause mood swings and feelings of depression. When these hormones fluctuate as they do before menstrual cycles, perimenopause, and menopause, they can cause irritability, anxiety, depression, and hypersensitivity. The thyroid plays a big role in mood regulation and when your hormones are unbalanced, the likelihood of developing thyroid disorders escalates. By maintaining optimal levels of these hormones in your body, you can balance your mood swings and make feeling good the norm.

Preserves Bone Mass

As women age, their likelihood of developing bone mass related issues, such as osteoporosis, increases as a result of dropping hormone levels. Estrogen and progesterone can help to preserve bone mass when they are at optimal levels. Based on objective data, it has been proven that taking bioidentical estrogen and testosterone pellets, as seen in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy could actually increase bone production by approximately 8.3% per year.

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Women need testosterone too. This hormone is exceptionally good at inhibiting the mechanism that causes clots to form in the artelier lining, reducing your risk of heart attack. HRT rebalances your hormone levels, including testosterone. Moreover, estrogen helps to increase blood vessel and arterial flexibility which allows for higher volumes of blood flow. This is beneficial to cholesterol levels and overall heart health. That is why it is crucial to keep hormone levels up as you approach menopause. With the help of hormone replacement therapy, you can maintain the benefits of better blood flow and circulation.

Improves Metabolic Function

Hormones regulation helps to rebalance the thyroid, which is the control center for multiple functions in the body including the metabolism. The metabolism exists to make sure your body keeps running, it deals with energy production and is the reason why you can get up in the morning. When hormone levels decrease, it unbalances the metabolism which is linked to weight gain, mood swings, insomnia, and more. Hormone replacement therapy regulates the thyroid and metabolism which stabilizes the body’s ability to process energy effectively.

Burns Fat

A common complaint from menopausal women is weight gain. This is a result of dropping hormone levels and slowed metabolic functioning. It is also associated with women slowing down on the physical activity as they age. By regulating your body’s hormones, HRT can help you burn fats (this includes visceral fat) more efficiently. Pair this therapy with light exercise and more healthful food choices and you will be on your way to healthier fat levels in no time.

Consider Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you are struggling with low hormone levels or are entering the phases of perimenopause and menopause, consider bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) uses all-natural hormones that are identical to the hormones made by your body (endogenous hormones) to ease the degenerative side effects of medical issues, environmental factors, and aging.

Optimal Bio Can Help

Optimal Bio looks at your body and your genetics to find a bioidentical hormone solution that optimizes your body. We don’t believe in temporary or ‘band aid’ solutions that don’t have lasting impacts on the overall quality of your life and health. Learn more about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy by visiting www.optimalbio.com.

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