Why Should One Join a Wellness Program?

Why Should One Join a Wellness Program?

There is a lot of skepticism directed towards these programs, and that’s why we have prepared this article. It will help you understand all about these programs, and so that you can make an informed decision.

Over the years, these programs have become very popular. In the past, they were in big corporate firms, but nowadays, they are in small and mid-sized businesses. They have become like a regular package for most companies.

These programs give employees tools, social support, incentives, and strategies to adopt as well as maintain healthy behaviors. Most businesses are doing pretty good work in ensuring employees maintain good and healthy behavior

What some people don’t realize is that there is more to these programs than just preventing and identifying chronic diseases. There are so many benefits surrounding the programs, and this article will give some of the major ones.

Reasons to Join It

These programs have proven benefits for both the employees and employers. Here are the key benefits of the wellness programs, as reported in several studies:

Reduces Health Costs

Several studies show that these programs can help reduce expenditures on employee-related health care. For every dollar that a company uses for one of these programs, it saves about $3.27 according to more than 22 studies.

Improves Employees Health Behaviors

The goal of these programs is behavior change. With the right motivation, education, skills, social support, and tools, behavior change is more than possible. Once you join a program, you will be taught how to lower the risks of chronic diseases. What’s more, the programs will help you in covering the costs in case you are affected.

You are taught how to maintain these healthy behaviors for a long time. These behaviors will grow in you, and you can even teach your children. Also, these programs can help alleviate stress and depression as well as improve your satisfaction in life.

Reduces Elevated Health Risks

Lack of physical activities elevated blood glucose, and high amounts of cholesterol in the blood are some of the major causes of most health problems. These programs help one maintain a good exercise routine as well as eat healthily to avoid diseases such as heart attack, HBP, and stroke, among others.

When you eat healthily, stay active, and avoid substance abuse, good things happen. As an employee, if you stay healthy, you can help your company drive forward, which should be the goal of every employee.

Improves Productivity

Some employees can be present at work but not working because of one reason or another. This is called presenteeism, and studies show that the cost associated with is more than two times higher than direct expenses from healthcare.

There are several reasons why employees can be present at work but not working. Maybe they are tired, don’t know what they are doing, or they are just surfing on the internet. It might also be a result of poor health. Wellness programs can help prevent presenteeism by assisting employees to maintain healthy behaviors that will eventually lead to more productivity.

Helps Decrease Absenteeism

There are more than 50 studies that have looked at the connection between these programs and absenteeism. They have indicated that the programs can help prevent absenteeism because of various reason. These reasons include:

  • Good health behaviors promote good health which prevents absenteeism
  • Employees learn how to control their stress which helps lower absenteeism
  • Helps prevent employees from becoming overweight and obese
  • Employees get healthy blood pressure and lower glucose which helps prevents absenteeism

The return of investment on these programs is about twice for every dollar you invest. This is according to a paper presented by Harvard Researchers.

Teaches You New Things

You probably won’t follow the same routine for years. You will learn new things from time to time, which will help you enjoy doing what you love. Also, these programs help you meet new people, which gives you a chance to make new friends.

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