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Natural Allergy Relief

You made it through spring and the yellow storm of pollen, so you may think you’re in the clear when it comes to sniffling, sneezing and itchy eyes.

Not so fast…here comes the fall allergy season.  If you suffer from spring allergies, chances are pretty high you’re going to feel it again in late summer into the cooler fall days.

Things like ragweed, goldenrod, and grass pollen are seasonal allergy culprits.  Add the damp leaves piling up on the ground, which lead to mold spores.  And don’t forget to add dust mites to the list that will likely get stirred up by open windows or finally turning the heat on again.  All of these add up to a perfect allergy storm!

Instead of grabbing the over the counter medications that make you feel like a zombie, lets think about other, healthier ways to feel better and breathe easier.

Try these natural remedies to keep your allergies at bay and enjoy a clearer, healthier fall!

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